Definition of carcass


1 : a dead body : corpse especially : the dressed body of a meat animal Butchers trimmed the meat from the carcass.
2 : the living, material, or physical body It was nearly noon when he finally hauled his carcass out of bed.
3 : the decaying or worthless remains of a structure the carcass of an abandoned automobile
4 : the underlying structure or frame of something (as of a piece of furniture)

Synonyms for carcass

bones, cadaver, corpse, corpus, corse [archaic], relics, remains, stiff


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Daniel Wilding - Drums /  Bill Steer - Guitar / Jeff Walker - Bass & Vocals / Tom Draper - Guitar

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August 30, 2020 - New Carcass video out from new EP "Despicable"out October 30th.

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August 4, 2020 - Carcass albums and tour were delayed due to pandemic restrictions. 

March 11, 2020 - New Carcass album out August 7th 2020 titled "Torn Arteries".

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